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About Elliot Farm

Take advantage of your SNAP benefits this winter by joining Elliot Farm's Winter SNAP CSA. Enjoy a monthly or bimonthly grocery box brimming with fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs and baked goods, with a focus on local and seasonal products.
The Winter SNAP CSA runs from January 2025 through March 2025. Your EBT card is charged monthly on your SNAP benefits renewal date. The SNAP CSA offers 2 levels:
  1. Small $40.00: Receive a monthly grocery box with 6-9 items. Monthly pick-up at the farm is on the second Saturday of each month.
2. Large $80.00: Receive a bimonthly grocery box with 6-9 items. Bimonthly        pick-up at the farm is on the first and third Saturday of each month from        1pm to 4pm.  
If you miss the Saturday pick-up, you may retrieve your box on Sunday between 9am and 10am. Unclaimed boxes will be donated; no refunds.

Pick-up Location: Conveniently collect your box at Elliot Farm, 202 Main St., Lakeville, MA 02347.
We will begin accepting sign-ups in September 2024. 
Your path to a healthier and tastier winter begins here!


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