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About Elliot Farm


The most convenient way to CSA.


A CSA refers to a group of farm stand customers who pledge to support their local farm by purchasing a “share” of the anticipated harvest before the season begins.​ 



Our CSA is different. Members don’t receive premade bags filled with items their family may not like. Our CSA is available in the form of a Harvest Card (instead of weekly shares), which members can use, like a debit card, throughout the season to purchase any items in our U-Pick fields & Farm Stand, including, but not limited to: local vegetables, fruits, flowers, honey, eggs, cheeses, meats, & artisan breads.


  • $450 ($495 value, portioned to feed a family of four)

  • $250 ($275 value, portioned to feed one-to-two people)


We're open seasonally (typically July-October), 7 days a week, from 10am to 6pm. 


Members can shop at our farm stand, conveniently located on Rt. 105 at 202 Main Street, Lakeville, MA 02347.


With our CSA, members save money, while supporting their local grower. You do not need to be a CSA Member to shop and the farm stand.  It is, however, to your advantage to become a member. CSA Membership benefits​ include...

  • Value: Receive 10% increased value on your Harvest Card. If you buy a $450 Harvest Card, it will have preloaded value of $495. A $250 Harvest Card will have a value of $275. 

  • Community: Your membership supports our local community and helps preserve farmland.

  • Health: Fresh fruits and vegetables are harvested daily, encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

**Please download to review our CSA Policies prior to submitting payment.**
Please note, we are no longer accepting "gift" CSAs. If you wish to purchase an Elliot Farm gift card for a friend, please click here. 
  • SIGN-UP BY MAIL (PREFERRED): Download our CSA Application & mail it with payment to: Elliot Farm, 202 Main St, Lakeville, MA 02347. Checks or cash are preferred as we save on credit cards fees and the savings help the farm!


Community Shared Agriculture (CSA)

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